Healthcare costs are on the rise, but you can save significantly by taking coverage into your own hands and start taking charge of your healthcare decisions. How does your Start plan work?

Start has created a consumer-guided healthcare experience by allowing members to choose any provider for care (no networks, which means you can go to any doctor or provider you choose!) and offering a seamless, simplified payment  process.

Three-Step Guide

  1. Find & Receive Care
  2. Upload the Receipt
  3. Get Reimbursed.

Find & Receive Care

Imagine if healthcare was as simple as buying a pair of shoes, booking a plane ticket, or getting your clothes dry cleaned. The good news? It can be.Start pays a fixed benefit amount for every service it offers (this is referred to as the “Start Benefit Amount”).

Your Start app has a built-in search tool that allows you to search by procedure or for providers in your area. You can then compare various providers’ pricing to ensure the most savings. Think of it this way: when you were a teenager and your parents gave you $20 to buy a shirt, you looked for shirts that were as close to $20 as possible to make sure you didn’t have to spend any money out of your own pocket. Start works similarly: maybe you are shopping for an MRI, and you see that three highly rated providers offer MRIs at three different prices. Since you’ll know the Start Benefit Amount for MRIs in advance, you can choose a provider accordingly to maximize your savings.

Once you’ve chosen a healthcare provider, simply schedule an appointment and receive care. Rather than paying a co-pay before you leave the facility, you will let your provider or their staff  know that you are paying in cash rather than using health insurance. You will pay the rate in full with your Start Benefit Card.

Upload Receipt

After using your Start Benefit Card to pay for your healthcare service, you’ll want to ask for your itemized receipt. You will have 30 days to upload the receipt to your Start app; however, the sooner you provide proof of care, the sooner you are reimbursed the associated Start Benefit Amount.

Get Reimbursed

100% of the Start Benefit Amount will be applied to your deductible until it is met. Once you’ve reached your deductible, the full Start Benefit Amount will be credited to you.

Welcome to Start, your one-stop shop for healthcare.