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What is a "Reimbursement Model"?

Like any health plan, you will pay a monthly premium for coverage. However, unlike other health plans, when you go to the provider you will pay up front with your Start Benefit Card (or other form of payment).  By “self-paying,” or “paying cash” for eligible services up front you are generally given a significantly discounted cash-rate.  All qualified services payments you make will apply to your deductible, and then, once your deductible has been met, you will be reimbursed the set rate when you submit an itemized receipt for the service.

How Do I Self-Pay At The Doctor's Office?

Providers often offer a lower rate for services when they are not billed through insurance. This greatly reduces their administrative costs and efforts. So, when visiting the doctor’s office, simply state you are self-paying, or ‘paying cash’ and use your Start Benefit Card to pay for the service. Ask them their cash-price for the services.  Don’t forget to ask for an itemized receipt!

Do I Ge Reimbursed Before or After My Deductible Is Met?

Start will apply 100% of the reimbursement rate (Start Benefit Amount) to your deductible before it is met. Once you have met your deductible, 100% of the Start Benefit Amount will be credited to you and you will be responsible for the remainder if the amount paid exceeds Start’s Benefit Amount.  If you are able to obtain services at a lower rate than the reimbursable amount, you keep the difference.

For a list of QMEs, please reference your Start policy.

How Do I Know If My Procedure Is Covered?

Your Start policy will include all covered procedures and services. You will also be able to use the search tool in your Find Care dashboard to search for covered procedures and view the associated Start Benefit Amounts for each. For complex procedures, call us at (800) 894-9454.

How Do I Use My Start Benefit Card?

When you see a provider you will pay for the services with our Start Benefit Card.  The Start Card can draw money from your Start HSA or a preferred checking account (set by your Account Ordering preferences). After you swipe, an expense will be drawn from your preferred account to cover the transaction.  You must upload an itemized receipt for any services received within 30 days of your service date. If you use another payment method, simply upload your itemized receipt in your Start Account to create an expense to be applied to your deductible and then reimbursed after the deductible is met.


  • Your current HSA balance
  • Your expense history
  • HSA contributions
  • HSA investments
  • Start Card management

To use your HSA funds, you may select “Start HSA” in your Start Card account ordering preferences and simply use your Start Card when paying for expenses.

Why Did I Or A Family Member Not Qualify For A Start Policy?

Start Health may deny individuals deemed as having medical history that may require more comprehensive coverage. You will have the option to continue without the individual that was denied.

When Can I Enroll In Start?

Enroll anytime, and coverage will go into effect on the 1st of the month.

Does Start Cover Me If I Get Care Outside Of The Country?

Because Start is a reimbursement model, there are no networks. However you are responsible for the cost until you hit your deductible. If it is not an emergency, call before you go and we’ll have you get the best care at the best price.

Are All Elective Surgeries Covered By Start?

Like any other insurance, if it is not medically necessary, your health insurance doesn’t cover it. You are in charge of all bills for elective surgeries.

Is There A Cap On How Much Start Will Cover?

After you hit your deductible you are 100% covered by Start for the reimbursable amount. Different doctors and facilities charge different prices, so call us or check out the portal for reimbursement rates and facility prices. We’ve got you covered. Call us anytime with questions at 800-894-9454.

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