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FAQs About HSAs

What is an HSA?

An HSA, or Health Savings Account, is a tax-advantaged savings account used for qualified medical expenses. HSAs are available to those enrolled in a high-deductible health plan, as defined by the IRS, and have yearly maximum contribution limits. HSA funds do not expire and roll over year-over-year, and they are owned by you (not your employer).

How Much Can I Contribute to my HSA?

The IRS imposes yearly limits for HSA contributions.

For 2023, HSA Limits are: 

Individual – $3,850
Family – $7,750

For 2024, HSA Limits are: 

Individual – $4,15o
Family – $8,300

What Can I Use My HSA For?

You can use HSA funds for eligible Qualified Medical Expenses (QMEs) only. If you use your HSA funds for non-QMEs, you will be subject to income tax and a 20% IRS penalty for a non-medical withdrawal under the age of 65.

For a list of QMEs, please reference your Start policy.

Can I Have Multiple HSAs

In short, yes. However, you can only contribute up to the IRS limits for a given year. This means that you can contribute up to the IRS limits to one account, or you may choose to spread it across multiple.

How Do I Access and Use My Start HSA Funds?

You can access and manage your Start HSA funds by creating your Start account, logging in, and visiting your HSA Summary dashboard. Your dashboard will include:

  • Your current HSA balance
  • Your expense history
  • HSA contributions
  • HSA investments
  • Start Card management

To use your HSA funds, you may select “Start HSA” in your Start Card account ordering preferences and simply use your Start Card when paying for expenses.

How Do I Invest My HSA Funds?

To invest your HSA funds, you must have a balance of over $2,000. To get started, simply log into your Start account, navigate to your HSA summary dashboard and click on the “Invest” tile, then follow the next steps.

Why does my account say MotivHSA?

Your Start HSA account is powered by MotivHSA. That is why your HSA portal has a different look than your Start Portal.

How do I transfer HSA funds?

Transfer Your HSA in 3 easy steps.

 1. Download our transfer form.

2. Fill out the transfer form.

3. Send the form to us at support@starthealth.com

See the rest of our forms and documents here.

Start Saving

Considering an HSA? HSAs are growing in popularity for their ability to make saving for healthcare expenses easy and lower overall healthcare expenses. Enjoy lower premiums, tax advantages, and invest in your future self by opening a Start HSA.

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