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Excellent Coverage For People Like You.


This is healthcare coverage the way it should be…comprehensive, affordable, simpler—just better.

Paying too much for premiums? See how much you can save with Start!

Our Solution Includes


Essentially, we offer full healthcare coverage including preventive services (covered pre-deductible), prescription coverage, and other cost-savings programs like free telemedicine.

NO NETWORK restrictionS

No more crossing your fingers that your doctor is still in-network when switching health coverage. With Start, every doctor is on the table–we just hope you’re not on their table.


HSAs: The rainy-day savings accounts with benefits. We made sure our Start plan is HSA-qualified to help you save for future medical costs (with a triple-tax advantage).

Concierge Service

Find healthcare overwhelming? We got your back. Call us anytime to get a white-glove approach to your healthcare needs. Our Care Coordinators are happy to do the footwork for you.


We offer a health-in-your-hands approach to healthcare that lets you carry your benefits through exciting job changes, family additions, and new adventures.


It’s as easy as it sounds. Receive care, upload your receipt, and voila–we do the rest. You can even watch our progress as we review your expense and reimburse you. Cool, right?


Fast-moving health coverage: Say goodbye to those surprise medical bills you receive months down the road and get reimbursed for your payment once you reach your deductible.

reimbursement rates

We cover as much as any other insurance. Our unique reimbursement model makes it super easy to know the cost of care, allowing you complete control over your medical coverage and out-of-pocket costs.

It’s Never Been Simpler

We all research prices for vacation rentals, cars, a new flatscreen TV, but why don’t we do that with our healthcare? With gigantic savings on the line, your biggest concern will be…

“Why haven’t I done this before?!” 

Simply search for and choose a provider, receive care, and upload your itemized receipt to the Start app. Easy. 

How It Works

Start is the unicorn of healthcare.

Start pays a fixed benefit amount for every service it offers. Members then choose a provider, pay upfront for their procedure by paying at a cash rate, which is usually significantly discounted, and get reimbursed the Start fixed benefit amount.

Start At A Glance

Start At A Glance

What Is In-Network?

With Start, there are no networks. That means that you can see any doctor, anywhere… Yes, even out of the country! Remember that different doctors have different prices. If you have any questions on doctors or pricing call us at 800-894-9454 or visit your portal and do a provider search to find providers and pricing.

Are Preventative Services Covered?

Preventative services are covered 100%. We want you to stay on top of your health and are happy to help. If you have questions about what qualifies as a preventative service call us before you go at 800-894-9454. 


Does Start Cover Me Outside the US?

Start covers you anywhere, and that includes healthcare out of the country. Doctors and facilities vary in pricing. We want to help you get the best care at the best price. If you have questions on pricing you can either do a provider search in the member portal or call us at

Is There a Cap on Covered Costs?

After you hit your deductible you are 100% covered by Start? for the reimbursable amount. Different doctors and facilities charge different prices, so call us or check out the portal for reimbursement rates and facility prices. We’ve got you covered. Call us anytime with questions at 800-894-9454.

What Should Be Included In My Itemized Reciept?

Itemized receipts should include the following:

  • CPT codes
  • Date of service
  • Description of service
  • Charge amount

What Our Members Are Saying About Us

"Brilliant health coverage. These guys are the real deal."

Clayton R.


Clayton R.

"Brilliant health coverage. These guys are the real deal. Affordable. HSA available. I can see any doctor I want and I'm in control of the price and choice of where I go. Highly recommended!"

"I love the freedom Start gives.

Mary B.


Mary B.

"I love the freedom Start gives. I can go see whoever I want, whenever, and don’t have to worry about all the complexities as I did with other insurance companies. It’s SIMPLE. I go to the doctor's and upload my receipt.

"I’m so relieved I don’t get surprise bills anymore."

Aaron C.


Aaron C.

"I’m so relieved I don’t get surprise bills anymore. Being able to upload my receipt within minutes is a much-needed improvement to our healthcare system. Five stars from me!"

"I am really loving the cash-pay approach to Start Health."

Carly S.


Carly S.

"I am really loving the cash-pay approach to Start Health. When I was calling around for my MRI and asking for the cash price, I was amazed at how much pricing differs. (Hint - you pay more at hospitals)


Start Health: A Win-Win-Win Scenario

Start Health: A Win-Win-Win Scenario

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How Your Start Deductible Works

How Your Start Deductible Works

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