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“Premiums and deductibles can be kind of confusing, but I feel like Start made it really easy for us to understand.”
– Israel Prestwich

“I love the freedom”

“I love the freedom that Start Health gives me. I can go see whoever I want, whenever I need, and I don’t have to worry about all the complexities when getting care as I did with other insurance companies. It’s so simple. I go to the doctor’s, upload my receipt, and get reimbursed. Love it!”

“Why isn’t all insurance like this?”

“I am really loving the reimbursement, cash-pay approach to Start Health. Skeptical at first, but calling around for my MRI and asking for the cash price, I was amazed at how much pricing differs, especially by facility. (Hint – you pay more at hospitals for most procedures!) And, I love being ‘in the know’ about the cost of a procedure before I go. Seriously, why isn’t all insurance like this? And, the main reason I love Start is having an HSA with my very affordable insurance.”

“I don’t get surprise bills anymore”

“I’m so relieved I don’t get surprise bills anymore. Being able to upload my receipt within minutes is a much-needed improvement to our healthcare system. Five stars from me!”

“We haven’t been able to find anything else that matches what Start has to offer while competing at their price”

-Sophia Prestwich

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